1) You can justify every spend!

You should probably have made shopping your profession, as you have become an expert in justifying every unnecessary purchase!

2) Your purse is permanently stuffed with receipts  

Constantly untidy and full with reward point cards for your favorite stores.

3) Your closet is full of tags or never-been-worn items!

Unopened shopping bags and shoes that have never seen the light of day can mean only two things. 1. You’re buying things you do not actually need, 2. You are shopping for the sake of it and not as a means to an end.

4) Shopping is your ‘fix’

When feeling down or going through a stressful time, shopping cures the problem. You crave that ‘fix’, that liberating feeling and adrenaline rush you experience from the pleasure of buying something.

5) Procrastination, AKA, online shopping!

When you find yourself avoiding urgent tasks and ‘accidentally’ stumbling upon your favorite online store.

6) Outfit repeating upsets you  

You’re rarely seen wearing the same thing twice and long for that uplifting feeling of wearing new clothes for the first time. Regardless of the event, your first concern and number one priority is always….

what am I going to wear?”

7) First name basis with the sales assistants

They may as well be considered your close friends, especially if they see you more than your family does.

8) Hiding the evidence

After a quick trip to the mall, you wouldn’t dare bring the evidence into the house…. at least not until the scene is clear!

9) Never-ending shopping list!

Your shopping list seems to be the only infinite thing in your life.

10) Always take an empty suitcase abroad                  

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. An empty suitcase is an essential, regardless of the destination, a true shopaholic WILL find the space, time and ‘tchotchke’ to buy.


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