2 posts from day 26/08/2015

The Ultimate Guide for September Shopping

Sadly, it's that time of year again where summer is rearing to an end and a new academic year is about start. Whether you're going back to school, starting university, or beginning a new job, there's stationary to be bought and equipment to start organizing. There's nothing more satisfying like starting the new term with all the latest gear, a fully equipped pencil case and new notebooks for a fresh start. Starting work can be equally as fun, as with a clear desk, comes a clear mind and a ...

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Get your friends’ opinions on your online shopping!

When it comes to shopping, sometimes there’s nothing like having your best friend in the fitting room. They’re brutally honest, they know your style, and can prevent you from buying something you might later regret. However, getting their opinion can be tricky and annoying when it comes to shopping online. We end up sending links upon links as we come across items, just to be lost in a sea of emails.  Plus, keeping track of their comments is just a big mess. We’re over it, and ...

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