SUMMER OF LOVE… Wedding guest dresses

Everyone remembers that unforgettable scene from the movie 27 Dresses, when Katherine Heigl embarrassingly opens those big double doors in her Manhattan apartment and out pours, (what seems like hundreds of) the most over-the-top, fluffy, ridiculous bridesmaid dresses ever!

Well, you shouldn’t have to dread the day your best friend asks you to be her bridesmaid or worry about what creation she’s going to put you in.
Take advantage of the ‘summer’, where ever you are from and wear color, opened-toe sandals and flowers in your hair.
There are so many beautiful ‘wedding appropriate’ dresses out there, why go to all the fuss having something custom made?

For inspiration, we’ve gathered a handful of our favorite high-street and some high-end picks, click the link below to view our ‘Summer Of Love, Wedding Guest Dresses’ collection.

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Or, if you’re the bride-to-be here’s some alternative wedding style dresses worn on red carpets by these gorgeous celebrities.

white dress taylor final
White dress Taylor swift
White dress RHW
White dress nicole kidman
White dress angelina jolie
White dress blog kate hudson
White dress jenn ann 2
White dress nicole 2
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