6 tips to help you get through the VS Fashion Show

As the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show comes near, our self-esteem slowly disappears.


Well, before you throw away all that confidence, I suggest you try not to feel down because you don’t share the same body as Adriana Lima or Gisele Bundchen, which consist of about .0001% of the population. But rather focus on everything you DO have and CAN do to celebrate yourself!

Here are 6 tips on boosting your ego:

1. Invest in a pair of flattering jeans.  A good pair of jeans can lift, tighten, lengthen and enhance.  My personal styling clients have all kinds of body types and I found that these jeans were popular for just about everyone.
Click below to get jeans you’ll never want to take off:

These jeans will flatter your body.

These jeans will flatter your body.


2.Pamper Yourself. We are all busy ladies, but its always important to find time for a good facial, a pedicure or a relaxing massage. The more you take care of yourself, the better you feel about yourself.

Victoria's Secret

Spoil yourself with a natural facial treatment


3. Get very friendly with Spanx.  The perfect solution for that sexy skin tight dress you’ve been dying to wear but didn’t have the guts (or too much of it).  Spanx makes undergarments and bodysuits which are slimming yet give you a shapely appearance.  Click below for Spanx items you must-have in your drawer:

VIctoria's Secret FAshion SHow

Spanx must-haves


4. Keep calm and eat an entire chocolate cake…just because you can! And the good news is chocolate has health benefits as well.  It is loaded with antioxidants and it has chemicals that actually make you a happier person.  So smile and take a bite!

Victoria's Secret

Chocolate is always a good idea


5. Hang out with your girls. Some R&R with your friends never hurts, especially over a glass of wine and pizza.  Laugh and enjoy your time with others.  It’s important to surround yourself with positive friends who accept you as you are.

Fun with friends (credit: showmeyourmumu.com)

Fun with friends (Image credit: Pinterest)


6. Celebrate your body! At the end of the day, we were each born with a different figure, personality, laugh, and heart.  Accepting yourself for who you are and how you look, will have you radiating inside out!

Celebrate YOU!

Celebrate YOU!





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