A Look Ahead: Fall Fashion 2017

Fall is quickly approaching. Don’t be caught without the latest trends so that when the summer heat fades you can warm yourself up with these stylish pieces. From professional attire to the perfect casual piece, you can bet you’ll be looking your best if you follow these tips.

The Pantsuit:


Whether you are in or out of the office, the professional look is becoming a more and more valued look. Tailored ladies clad in gray business suits evoke a sense of power and certainty. This style coupled with another common runway feature, the pantsuit, provides women with a versatile wardrobe for elegance that both empowers and exhibits stylish confidence.

Empowering Red:

Empowering Red

In keeping with the essence of empowerment, the most pervasive color on the runway this season was red. Although the hue and shade of the monochromatic look varied, a deep burgundy was the most impressive. Offering a noble flair, it both commands attention and proves to be a timeless runway feature that should be a staple for any woman’s closet as autumn approaches.

Feathers, Fringes, & Furs:


These three F styles are projected hits this fall, and although not commonly seen together, they are certainly not mutually exclusive. In terms of feathers, it was those from the ostrich that provided an elegant contour and accentuated a poised style. These can be complemented nicely with the addition of fringe and other multicolored strings that freely sway around you. A mix of untamed, warm hues and over-sized fur was iconic on the runway this season and surely will be on the streets as well.

Vintage Plaid:


Reminiscent of a 70s style, this vintage plaid look is no longer exclusively for antiquated outerwear. Plaid and checkered covered coats, skirts, pantsuits, and even gowns were common sights. With the vintage geometric design, there is a refreshing versatility surrounding this style that reinvigorates a design commonly thought to be outdated.



For those fancy fall events, an upcoming trend has revamped formal velvet to add to your repertoire. The runways this year saw their fair share of jewel-toned color schemes, which is expected to be a go-to formal wear this upcoming autumn. Embrace the opulent glamour and turn some heads at your next, big event.



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