Best Kitchen Gadgets

Save your blood, sweat and tears! You no longer need to endure back breaking work in the kitchen.

Make your life easier with these kitchen devices, found in our Kitchen Gadgets Collection!

1. Corn Stripper 

As delicious as corn on the cob is, we all know how much of a mess it can make. This OXO Corn Stripper makes the cutting and catching of kernels comfortable and easy. It’s dishwasher friendly, reasonably priced, and is such a time saver!

2. Pineapple Slicer

Slicing fruit is definitely a skill, and not everyone has the touch! Most of the time we end up wasting half the fruit and making a huge mess. This pineapple slicer is easy to use and effortless, no hard pressure needed! Your end result will pineapple that’s core and skin free,  cut into perfectly equal pieces.

3. Citrus Squeeze and Juice Mist

This multi-functional citrus squeezer and mist spray combo is ideal for salads, fish and vegetables. Its mess free, easy to store in the fridge, and you no longer need to waste a whole lemon just for one squeeze.

4. Spoon Rest

It’s easy to just place your cooking utensils directly on the surface as you’re cooking, but this makes makes the counter sticky and full of bacteria! This spoon rest resolves the problem. It is wide enough to fit many different sized cooking utensils, and is stainless steel sturdy.  Its ultra modern and easy to clean!

Wooden cutting boards are the most sanitary material out there as they don’t collect germs in the cracks unlike plastic ones do. This particular board is ideal for cutting fruit and vegetables, and is easy to wipe clean.

You often have to apply at lot of pressure when cutting through a block of cheese, and can end up with awkward sized slices.  However, this hand-held cheese slicer adjusts to cut from wafer-thin up to 5mm thick slices. The chunky handle is comfortable to hold and the roller simply glides over the cheese leaving no mess.

Love that frothy milk topping that coffee shops serve, and wish you could do it to your own coffee at home? You can!  This Nespresso milk frother is super easy to use and is very fast. The automatic system prepares your milk however you like- light or creamy, hot or cold, just by the press of one button.

10. Spiralizer

Heard of “zoodles”? They’re zucchini noodles, and they’re the hot topic of recipe conversation these days! Vegetable noodles have become all the rage, and they take no time to prepare! With spiralizers like the Spirelli, you simply peel the vegetable first, attach the end of the vegetable onto the lid and twist against the blade. Can also be used for salads, garnishing, sandwiches and more.
Happy (and easy) cooking!

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