Get your friends’ opinions on your online shopping!

When it comes to shopping, sometimes there’s nothing like having your best friend in the fitting room. They’re brutally honest, they know your style, and can prevent you from buying something you might later regret.

However, getting their opinion can be tricky and annoying when it comes to shopping online.

We end up sending links upon links as we come across items, just to be lost in a sea of emails.  Plus, keeping track of their comments is just a big mess.

We’re over it, and they probably are too.

With Shopicks, you can now virtually have your friends with you in the fitting room to help you make your purchase decisions!

Drum roll, please…Introducing our NEWEST feature! You can now send your collections to your friends and ask them them for their opinion on every piece in your collection! They can leave you ratings, comments and you can collaboratively discuss your items until you’ve reached a decision.

The best part? You’ll see everyone’s comments and ratings all in ONE place!

As a reminder,  a Shopicks collection is the group of your picked items across your favorite sites!

How does it work?


1. Create a collection




2.   Ask your friends for their opinions on your picked items



3. Your friends can rate and comment on all your items



4. Discuss items, ask questions, see what everyone has to say!



5. Use their input to make your next purchase decision



Get started and invite friends!

Don’t have a Shopicks account? Create your first collection!

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