Our Favorite Anna Wintour Faces

English born Anna Wintour has held the position of Editor-In-Chief for American Vogue Magazine since 1988. She is notorious for hiding behind her over-sized sunglasses, sitting front row of every fashion show and her blank expressions, yet Wintour is considered fashion royalty. We love and fear her at the same time and here’s why…..

1.* “Who is that!” – The Judgmental Face

2. “I’m Leaving, This Is Boring!” – The ‘Over It’ Face

3. “The Problem Is…. I’m Too Good At What I Do” – The Satisfied Face

4. “Oh Mr Jacobs, Please Bore Someone Else With Your… Nonsense” –
The Get-Out-Of-My-Sight Face

5.* “Is There Some Reason My Coffee Isn’t Here Yet? Has She Died?” –
The Aggravated Face

6.* “No. And I’ve Seen All This Before” – The Unimpressed Face

7. “They Wouldn’t Dare Seat Me Second Row, I’m Anna Wintour” – The Amused Face

* Direct quotes from ‘Miranda Priestly’ in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

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