If you love all things fashion, photography, travel, food and more, here’s a quick review of the top 5 bloggers of this generation.


Oracle Fox 


By Amanda Shadforth

Amanda is super chic but with this edgy twist. Her blog is exquisitely presented, packed with content and a ton of different categories to browse from. Amanda uses the blog as a personal platform whereby she shares her own style, inspiration and creativity using her love of photography. After four years since the creation of Oracle Fox, it has become one of Australia’s most prominent fashion influencers and internationally known with 1 million social media followers.
Amanda also appeared on E Entertainments ‘Fashion Bloggers’- a group of Aussie girls who blog about their stylish lives.


Tuula Vintage


 By Jessica Stein

With 1.9 million followers on Instagram, Australian born Jessica Stein has certainly made a name for herself.
Her online presence officially started in 2010 as a travel blog for her family and friends to keep in touch and follow. As her readership grew, so did her recognition and effortless sense of style. ‘Tuula Vintage’ is the name in which Jessica goes by and you wont go a day without keeping up to date with her whereabouts. To date, Jessica has shared her visits to over 20 different countries on her blog and posts her personal experiences using stunning photographs, which does make you wonder who the lucky so & so is behind the lens!


The Londoner 


By Rose Thomas

Famous for her incredibly delicious ‘slutty brownie’ recipe which consists of brownies, Oreo’s and cookie dough baked together, The Londoner has over 170k instagram followers and covers her general day to day life.
Whats fun about The Londoner is that Rose doesn’t have a niche. The blog covers lots of different categories from cooking to restaurant reviews, her travel archives, personal style and all things London. If you like dogs, her ‘Morkie’ (Maltese-cross Yorkie) called Custard makes countless appearances throughout her posts and is seriously cute!
The reason we love The Londoner so much is due to her openness. Rose shares how she stays slim, how to successfully start your own blog, how she makes money from the blog, what camera she uses and who takes the photos when shes in them.


The Chriselle Factor 


By Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim is one of a kind. Starting off as a wardrobe stylist she gained years of experience with fashion houses and celebrities. In December 2011 Chriselle decided to chronicle her life and personal style. She has more than half a million followers on Instagram and over 29 million views on her YouTube channel. Chriselle bares all and invites you into her life by sharing real events with you including the designing of her beautiful home and babies room, her wedding, skin care regime, outfits, travel, fitness, tips and tricks, food, work and more…
She has this ‘stay chic’ motto which is presented throughout her work whether it be photography, design or just general personal style.
This digital influencer certainly encourages, educates and inspires women all over the world and photos of her darling daughter will just brighten up your day!


Something Navy 


By Arielle Charnas

The New Yorker became a blogger six years ago as a way to express herself through fashion by posting her outfits on the internet just for fun! Very soon after, blogging became an industry and she dived right in. Fashion has always been ingrained in Arielle as her family are in the garment industry, however she never expected ‘Something Navy’ to come so far.
Her blog has featured in many publications including Glamour and Cosmopolitan and she has even collaborated with brands such as Marc Jacobs and TRESemme’. Arielle posts daily and mixes high street with designer making her looks achievable. She invites you regularly into her office/ dressing room and takes you with during her daily ventures.

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