The 1st of January can be the dreaded day we reflect back on all the money we splashed out over Christmas. Those martinis, presents and dinners out have left you feeling tight for cash, but as you look to the New Year for a fresh start, you may also be thinking about how you can control your budget when you next go on a shopping spree.

The optimism of saving money will be short lived (I know, we try so hard), but research[i] has revealed that by 24th January fashionistas will break their resolution after losing all willpower to resist splurging in their favourite shop. But don’t panic, you’re not the only one! Only three percent of us will actually stick to our resolutions for the entire year. For fashionistas, keeping up with the catwalk trends and cutting back on spending is virtually impossible, and the humiliation of walking out in clothes from last year’s season is simply not an option.

By using the personal online shopping tool, Shopicks, fashionistas will actually be encouraged to shop in the New Year, but like professionals understanding the importance of shopping to a budget. For the first time, fashionistas will be able to set their resolution with the confidence of knowing that they will be joining the additional three percent who stick to their resolution for the whole year.

The app will help you curate your fashion collections online, pre plan your spree and map the stores before you hit the high street. The tool allows you to browse online retail shops, drag the clothing items you want to buy into a shopping basket and shortlist your favourite items into a shopping list. Knowing before your shopping trip that the items you love are actually within your budget, you will resist any impulse buys on the high street and wear your purchased items without wearing the guilt.

For the first time in your life, welcome in the New Year by shopping smartly on the high street!

[i] This research was from commissioned by

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