The Insta-Perfect Vacation Outfit

We’re here to show you how to be insa-perfect on your next vacation!

How good does it feel to come back from a vacation with that insane instagram photo that captures the essence of the place, and your amazing outfit of course! To get there, it takes effort to plan the perfect wardrobe to make you look super chic.

Pro-tip: match your outfit with the background colors of your vacation destination.

For example, if you’re off to the Caribbean, or an island vacation such as Greece, opt for bright colors that will match the ocean and the bright colorful buildings. Think variations of whites, blues, greens and reds.

If you’re heading to Europe think about black, cream, white, and grey. These are very versatile and will easily match all of the buildings and create your Europe chic look.

If you’re headed to a city vacation, stick with blues, blacks, beiges, dusty pinks and greys for your street wear.

Finally if you’re going on a Safari adventure it’s ideal to dress in camouflage, not just to look cute, but for your safety as well :). Best colors to stock up on are olive, khaki, light brown and dark brown.

Here’s some of our favorite items to pack for these destinations!



ASOS Midi Smock Babydoll Dress with Button Detail

This red dress from ASOS is perfect for the tropics! It’s fun, flirty and will photograph well.


FOREVER21 Wire Triangle Bikini Top

This blue bikini will have you feeling cool as a cucumber and easily matching the sky and ocean!


ASOS Maxi Dress With Cut Out Front In Pink Palm Print

This printed flowy dress will have you blending in perfectly with the palm tress,  feel that tropical breeze!


SheIn Blue Shortsleeve Pocket Split Side Dress

This amazing summer dress is as cool as the ocean, and will make you stand out, bold and beautiful.

Boohoo Poppy Basic Halterneck Maxi Dress

This bright white maxi will be perfect for those landscape views, play it up for day or night!




FOREVER21 Off The Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder or off the charts? This top is so chic and sexy for those nights out on the town.


River Island Black Leather Look Belted Biker Jacket

A leather jacket is a European staple and adds the perfect amount of edge to your look. Girl, you need this.

Farfetch Etudes Panama Hat

The best addition to your European look? A black fedora hat to give you that extra style & grace.

ASOS House Of Sunny Open Tie Back Top With Flare Cuff

This top is ultimate European sophistication. Paired with jeans, skirts, leggings and boots and you’re new hat and all eyes are on you.



Boohoo Isabella Turn Up Cuff Maxi Duster

This duster is amazing for hitting up the streets of NYC, LA, Chicago, you name it. We want it in every color!


NA-KD Boyfriend Trucker Blue Cliff Levi’s Jacket

We love a good jean jacket in our pics because it literally goes with anything, and has a vintage feel.



Zalando Lois Cordoba Skinny Jeans

Perfect for walking around the city, with sneakers, boots or heels, these beauties can be dressed up or down.

River Island Pink Floral Frill Sleeve Blouse

This unique stunning top, will make you shine in the street crowds. Exactly how our pictures like it.


FOREVER21 Distressed Trim Tee

This nude top a basic essential on a Safari. Comfort is a priority on this trip!

NA-KD Rut & Circle Alex Army Jacket

This khaki jacket will keep you nice and camouflaged! We also love the pockets, multifunctional must have!

REVOLVE Etienne Marcel Cargo Pants

Olive is perfect for that Safari getaway! These gorgeous khaki pants will have you beautifully blending with the dusty background! The heels you can probably leave at home.


Zaful Drop Shoulder Choker Tee

This top is sexy and it’s casual look is perfect for your


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