Shop like a Professional with Shopicks


Who are we?
Shopicks is a fun way to collect and shop for the things you want. WARNING!! Does get addictive!

How does it work?

After installing, the pick and drag toolbar will magically appear at the bottom of your screen letting you quickly collect your favorite finds from anywhere on the web. It also saves and organizes all the items directly within your browser

Then what happens?
All the details and information around your items are added automatically and if you’ve got your eye on something, Shopicks will send you sale alerts when an item you picked goes on SALE (so you can be the first to grab it!).

Why does it help?
Managing all your items from a single location enables you to make smarter and more informed buying decisions, helping you to shop like a professional. Lastly, you can also share your collections with friends and family so they can buy you exactly what it is that you want!

The Mobile App
If you prefer to shop the streets or you’re going abroad, use our store navigator to help find your favorite brands and plan through location, distance, time and budget to create the most efficient shopping route for all your ‘Shopicks’.
First sign up on the web and then download the Shopicks mobile app.

Did we mention sign up is free? So what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions please contact us. We’d also love to hear back how your Shopicks experience was at

Happy Shopping!!!

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