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10 Most Affordable and Fashionable Clothing Websites

When shopping for new outfits, you obviously you want the best and most stylish clothes and accessories possible. But it isn’t always easy to get those drop dead gorgeous looks without bottoming out your bank account. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite sites to buy the clothes you want without breaking the bank. 1 - Boohoo               Boohoo is one of the fastest growing fashion brands, with ...

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How Online Shopping is Evolving

When it comes to the Internet, Millennials and Generation Z have it easy. With access to a vast array of information, content can be generated in less than a few seconds. As these technological advents continue, they are becoming almost commonplace despite the groundbreaking change they bring. We are reaching a time where it is easy to take what we have for granted. Right now, you could open up a new tab without taking your hands off the keyboard. Within a few minutes, you can drag and drop ...

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4 Tips to Dominate the Online Shopping Scene

Do you think of yourself an online shopping master? Or are you just starting to get the hang of maneuvering between stores to get the best deal? Either way, this guide along with the capabilities of the Shopicks app can help you make successful purchases every time.   Do your Research Let’s start off with some pretty basic advice. Researching the product across multiple stores is easy and everyone should make this a habit. Browse through our featured picks and drag and drop ...

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