The DonKay Style

Meet DonKay.

Donald and Kanye are both owners of their own fashion lines, and while the duo does have quite a lot in common, their distinct takes on style could not be more polar opposite.

Watch the DonKay combat in a style smashdown:



1. The Attire

For Donald, the go-to is always the blue tie. Why, we don’t know. But it’s there.


Kanye likes to rock clothes from his own line that look like they may have belonged to someone else, and worn many, many, many times.

2. The Accessories

It goes without saying, Donald is all about his hair. To get the perfect comb over, you must have the proper comb!

Kanye is a huge fan of bling. Everything big and chunky.

3. The Accent

Donald has a very special glow about him. Try using a tanning creme to recreate this dazzling look.


Kanye always seems to have his goatee in check. He must have the perfect beard trimmer.


Whose style do you prefer?
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