Tips To Stay Stylish This Winter

Keeping ‘snug as a bug’ this winter may be your main concern, but there is nothing more unflattering than being buried by big puffy coats and unfitted dull clothing. Who said fashion can’t also be functional… huh? Here’s some tips when……. ohhh baby it’s cold outside!


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Layering means you don’t need to go and buy a new winter wardrobe. Instead, have your favorite summer pieces within hands reach and add thick tights to your favorite pair of shorts, a blazer over summery shirts and t-shirts under big slouchy-grandpa-ish sweaters. It’s easy, simple and will keep you warm!

Wraps, Shawls & Ponchos

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The beauty of these pieces is that they can be worn all year round and come in all different materials, colors and sizes. Put them over heavy jackets as accessories, or even tank tops to complete an outfit.


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There’s no such thing as ‘hats don’t suit me’! With such a variety available there are tons of different styles; straw hats, beanies, fur hats, berets, baseball caps, floppy hats and many more. Not only do they protect your head from the harsh weather, they also keep your hair from being windswept and staying dry.

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It’s definitely worth investing in a good quality winter coat. Firstly, it’s not something you buy every day, so save up for one if needs be! And secondly, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your coat shouldn’t flatter your shape and emphasize your best bits. After all, you wouldn’t buy pants two-sizes too big. So the same goes for coats! Dark colors are usually the safest option as they go with everything and don’t show signs of ‘wear and tear’ so easily.


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Regardless of what all the haters have to say about UGG boots, there is no match out there for the comfort and warmth they provide. If they were so ugly like people claim, then they certainly wouldn’t be gracing the pages of Vogue magazine, have stores spreading world-wide and caught being worn by almost every celebrity at one point in their career. They come in different lengths, colors, styles and last from one winter to the next. Today the brand has products ranging from loungewear to handbags and accessories.

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