Valentine’s Day for ALL

Happy Valentines Day to you, beautiful! 💖

We are wishing you a love-filled day! Treat yourself with some great shopping, no matter who you’re sharing today with.

Here are our top picks for you and your loved one(s)!

For Ourselves

Butterfly Earrings, Swarovski

This stunning pair of earrings will sparkle your world, and bring light with you to all the places you go!

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Gillas Open Shoulder Dress, Revolve

This feminine and chic dress is the perfect weekender look, for running around or meeting friends for brunch.


Jade Facial Roller, Cult Beauty

This one is a real treat to yourself! Made of Jade and hand-carved, this roller is highly acclaimed to be the best anti-aging you can do at home!


For Our Pets

Super Model Sweater, Revolve

Can this be any cuter? We all think our dogs are models, and now the world will know it too, not to mention- it will be official!

Ellen DeGeneres Plush Heart Dog Toy, Petsmart

Firstly, Ellen DeGeneres created this toy, so it’s a must have no matter what it is. But it happens to be a really adorable toy that your pup won’t be able to get enough of!

Go Cat Bird Teaser, Petsmart

For those cat lovers, you will have the best time playing with these feathers together! You’ll be surprised how long they’ll find it entertaining..



For Him


Luis Morais Glass Bead and Gold Bracelet, Mr Porter

Just a small token for him to keep on his arm, and of course, as a reminder to think of you.

Black Crocodile Effect Leather Wallet, Topman

A present that won’t break your wallet, but instead, will step his up a notch.


Comme Des Garcons Graphic Tee, Bloomingdales

If your guy wears his heart on his sleeve, this is the ultimate tee with the perfect amount of edge and style.



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