What Type of Shopper are You?

We all love shopping, but that doesn’t mean we all shop the same. As a matter of fact, sometimes it seems like people’s priorities while shopping couldn’t be any more different! It’s true, we all have our own approaches and habits when we take a trip to the store. Not sure what kind of shopper you might be? We’ve made a list of some the most common types we know.

The Impulse Buyer







You said you only needed a couple things, you gave yourself a list and a budget, but when you saw that dress on your way to the checkout you just couldn’t help yourself! It’s ok, we’ve all been there. The allure of great new piece of clothes or a great sale often seem too good to pass up on, even though you probably don’t need to be spending any more money on this trip to the store. This type of shopper doesn’t usually go the store with a set purpose in mind, they’re just browsing to pick up whatever catches their eye. Which is good, because that was probably going to happen either way.

The Careful Consumer







“It looks good, but do I really need another outfit?” “I wonder what other people are saying about this?” Sound like something you would say? Then this might be your style. The polar opposite of the impulse buyer, these kinds of shoppers won’t pull the trigger on a single purchase without being absolutely sure they’re making the right decision. They’ll think over every item before they’re anywhere near the checkout line, and can be found scrolling through every review if shopping online. If you think this kind of shopper describes you, you’ll be a fan of Thinkover’s sharing system, which lets you show your friends and even the world your potential purchases and get their feedback.

The Dreamer










The ultimate window shopper, the dreamer is like the careful consumer but on a whole new level. You’ve got a wishlist that stretches to the ends of the earth, but you couldn’t possibly justify buying something like that. No, you’re content to just look for now, but one day, yeah definitely one day, it’s all gonna be yours. But until then, it’s just going to have be item 1749 on your list of cute tops. We’re all for that pie-in-the-sky attitude. That’s why Thinkover lets you make a collection as big as you want, from wherever you want, of everything you want.

The Coupon Cutter







We all want to save money, but these paragons of penny-pinching take it to a whole new level. This type of shopper always seems to know where the best deals are, and that’s because they’re always on the lookout for them. They’ve also got a serious case of FOMO. A coupon in the mail or a special offer from a newsletter could spur on a sudden shopping spree, because how could anyone in their right mind miss out on 50% off? If this sounds like you, let Thinkover notify you of sales on your items so you can skip the bargain hunting and get straight to the BOGO buying.

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