There are certain women’s fashion trends that women love to wear, and men love even more to look at. Take the classic ‘LBD’ for example (little black dress for those who should already know!) or a sexy pair of high heels that accentuates your legs… (can also do serious damage if necessary!) And let’s not forget tight jeans, so you can show off what your mama gave you!
What you wear is very much a representation of your character and personality, which can allow oneself to exude confidence and self-esteem. Just try and avoid looking like you’re stuck in a time warp or taking fashion advice from your little sister.
We know dressing to impress is by far not every women’s priority when waking up in the morning, but wanting to visibly appeal to the opposite sex should be somewhere up there on the:

‘To-do list’
1. Supermarket shop
2. Finish presentation
3. Look effortlessly chic for ‘Chris’

We asked our men on the Shopicks team what their ‘Women’s Fashion No No’s’ are. Here’s their advice.

1. Neon

Full Moon Party Thailand

No to neon anything! Unless you’re at a full moon party and have lost all inhibitions…. stay away from neon clothing.

2. Heavy Make-up & Bright Lipstick

If your face looks like MAC just exploded on it, we suggest you wipe a few layers off before leaving the house! As oblivious as men can be, a caked face of make-up does not go unnoticed and looks like you’re hiding something nasty under that mask.

3. Fake Nails    

Warning: unhealthy, potential danger hazard, can look like a deformity! Leave these weird creatures for Lady Gaga’s music videos.

4. Platform Shoes 


Although comfortable, these repulsive, chunky clunky shoes will never go out of style because, well, quite frankly, they have not been in style for a very long time.

5. Shoulder Pads    

Should only be worn on turf playing American Football. Otherwise, totally and utterly unacceptable on every possible level.

6. FUR    


If any Fur, let’s be sure it’s Faux Fur and not the real stuff! Nevertheless, it creeps guys out and looks like you’re carrying a live Raccoon on your back. Not cute!

7. Mum Jeans    

Currently being worn by disillusioned 90’s kids who think we are still living in the 80’s. Get real, you know nothing about the 80’s!

8. Gigantic Sunglasses

They are ridiculous and men don’t care whether they are Tom Ford or not! Unless you are the next Audrey Hepburn there is no excuse.

9. Wide leg pants

Also referred to as ‘bell bottoms’ and memorably worn in nearly every episode of the Brady Bunch family. Enough said.

10. Tartan Patterns

If you are not Scottish, playing the bagpipes or wearing a Kilt, steer clear!

11. High-Waisted Shorts

Unless you’ve got the legs and butt of a Victoria secret fashion model, you should seriously avoid these or prepare to suffer severe humiliation!

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