Your Essential Burning Man Packing List

Burning Man is quickly approaching, and it takes some more preparation than you might think! If you’re a first-timer, there are lots of things to think about, and if you’re already a burner, there might be some key things on your packing list you haven’t yet thought about . Here are out top 10 suggestions of things that might not seem so obvious! See here for our full collection!

1. Hand sanitizer

Between the porta potties and eating and drinking, and exploring, you’ll constantly want to be cleaning your hands. Get a good sized bottle to keep in your backpack!

2. Vaseline

It really will get crazy dry on the playa, and your skin will take a beating. Show it some love by using vaseline on your fingernails and lips, and even as body lotion. Your skin will be thirsty for it!


3. Earplugs

Even if you’re not situated on the esplanade, it can be loud, and the action doesn’t stop when you do. To make sure you get a good nights sleep, don’t go without a good pair.


4. Thermal layers

At night, it gets cold, really really cold. Wearing thermal layers will make you so much more comfortable.


5. Blender

Depending on your camp, you’ll likely be bringing your own food. Nothing hits the spot on the playa like a nice smoothie.


6. Wipes

Bring so many wipes. As showers aren’t so easily accessible, wipes are a great substitute, and come in handy for so many things.

7. Extra socks

Whatever you do. Do not wear open toe shoes, you will get playa foot, and it is no fun! Make sure to pack lots of pairs of good socks, even 2 pairs per day.

8. Ziplock bags

These are underrated. Put everything in ziplocks and keep everything safe from the dust.


9.  Coconut water, Gatorate or Emergen-C

You need to drink lots and lots of water all day, everyday, and it can get difficult to drink all the liters your body needs. Nothing adds a little pep in your step like mixing up your cocktails with some coconut water. You can also add gatorade powder or Emergen-C powder to your water to replenish those electrolytes!


10. Extra garbage bags

Between your moop and your dirty laundry, having extra garbage bags around is always a good idea!


11. SPF lip balm

It gets super dry out on the playa, and to keep your lips hydrated, always keep a chapstick on you! Preferably one with sunscreen.


12. Sun umbrella

Goes without saying, to bring lots and lots of sunscreen to protect your skin! As well as a good hat! Having a sun umbrella to give you the extra protection will go far!


13. Saline nasal spray and eye drops

The alkaline environment can really dry out your nose (it will feel weird in there!), and the wind and dust can be tough on the eyes! Carry some saline nasal spray and eye drops to keep cool and moist.


14. Spray bottle

Mist on! It gets hot AF on the playa, and walking around with a spray bottle to cool off, is one of the best accessories to have, and your passersby will thank you!

15. Open arms and a smile.

Be ready to hug. A lot. It’s the best gift you can give, along with a smile.

This year, create your ultimate shopping list using Shopicks! See you on the playa!

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